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The Buteyko Method is an approach to breathing which has as its basis a set of breathing exercises developed by its founder, Dr K P Buteyko. Its aims are to develop healthy breathing patterns, which help to maintain the correct ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the bloodstream.

According to his research, some 150 diseases are linked to dysfunctional breathing: asthma, allergies and emphysema are just a few examples. More than 40 years of research have produced the Buteyko Method, which can recondition and normalise the breathing and restore the body’s most important function.

Many thousands of asthmatics and those with breathing difficulties have experienced remarkable improvement in their condition with this amazing Method, which has allowed them to reduce their dependency on medication and enjoy a quality of life they previously thought impossible.

It is also incredibly helpful to people without any perceived breathing problems – enabling improved respiratory health and helping to create a calmer self to deal with the stresses of modern life.